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Hillside Park Real Estate LLC has been a family owned and operated business for over 50 years, committed to providing the city of Oswego, New York with upscale townhouses and duplex apartments for professionals and retired persons. Our staff prides itself in providing clean and well-maintained apartments, as well as satisfied and happy tenants.

Townhouses for Rent in Oswego, NY
Family Owned And Operated Business
Townhomes for Rent in Oswego, NY

For Over 30 Years

Family owned and operated business

Hillside Park Real Estate LLC’s commitment to providing a great place to live is exemplified by the personal service we provide to our tenants. From satisfying maintenance requests to overseeing new, modern renovations, Hillside Park Real Estate provides picturesque living with caring service. Being a family owned business, our tenants know Stephanie by name. Through building a personal relationship with each resident, Hillside Park Real Estate has positioned itself to provide a comfortable living situation that’s safe and affordable.

About Our Apartments, Townhomes, and Houses for Rent in Oswego, NY

Our properties feature 2 & 3 bedroom apartments, duplexes and townhouses throughout Oswego, NY. These properties are conveniently located, well maintained and are thoroughly restored and modernized between tenants.

Also Providing Commercial Real Estate for rent near Oswego, NY

Our commercial affiliates, HILLSIDE COMMONS LLC & FOURTH AVENUE PROPERTIES LLC, offer over 50,000 square feet of prime commercial space, located on Oswego’s western corridor along Route 104, providing “as is condition” or customized to tenants’ individual needs.

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